Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chatoe Rogue First Growth Creek Ale

Part of Rogue's (Newport, Oregon) limited edition "Grow your own" series brewed with their own farmed hops and barley it is described as an ale brewed with cherries using eight different ingredients and brewed with "free range coastal water". Comes in a 22oz bomber and poured into a Rogue pint glass, pours an amber red with a noticeable cherry aroma. Unfortunately with all the apparent care that Rogue devoted to this brew and for which I applaud them for (no chemicals, preservatives or additives) I found this to be a terrible beer. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a dubbel or fruit beer or sour beer but I thought it tasted more like a summer-y cherry-wheat beer with not much body or substance, a noticeable tartness from the cherries and maltiness but that was about it, tasted like a fizzy lemonade that got worse the more you drank.  Reminded me of one of my home brews that went awry! 6% ABV.


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