Friday, August 7, 2015

Fulton Batch 300


Fulton Batch 300 IPA
Fulton Brewery, Minneapolis MN

Even a glass half empty pessimist such as myself would find it hard to argue that this upcoming week flirts with perfection. Weather the tourist board could not have better scripted (at time of writing), NFL pre-season debuts this weekend and my crappy soccer team (Marching on Together) embarks on what surely will be another underwhelming season. But as they say hope springs eternal or is it live in hope and die in despair? Always time for optimism before a ball has been kicked.
It's been a great week for hop heads with local breweries releasing some spectacular hop centric beers. Surly with the deservedly acclaimed Todd The Axeman (really I'd put this up there with some of the best rated IPA's nationally), I've had it a dozen times and will never get tired of drinking it. Then we have the deliciously dank 90 IBU monster Double Day Tripper (Day Tripper's big brother) from Indeed - technically a double pale ale but let's not split hairs. Stellar competition for sure but my nod goes to Fulton and their Batch 300 IPA.
Originally brewed to commemorate the 300th batch at the downtown location batch 300 is "pure hop candy and brewed in a small quantity each year". It starts with a foundation of Pilsner malt and then is heavily hopped with a single hop variety, mosaic. No ordinary hop, mosaic has been described as citra on steroids - the nose gives a hint of what to expect with an aroma of tropical fruit and berries. It's an IPA that's light and crisp like a lager but the taste is all juicy fruit - mango, lemon, herbal and citrusy, earthy pine. I defy you to not devour the whole six pack!
For completists : 7% ABV, 74 IBU's, SRM : 7 PLATO : 15.5
Fulton Batch 300 IPA is available in six packs for $9.99 (very limited)!

Only in Norn Iron!

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