Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Maitrise" Imperial Farmhouse Ale, Fulton (Mpls, MN)

 Paul's Pick: "Maitrise" Imperial Farmhouse Ale, Fulton Brewery (Mpls, MN)

I have to say that Fulton have been knocking it out of the park, I mean garage, lately with one impressive offering after another. Such is the case with the latest offering in their "garage" series, "Maitrise" which they have labelled an Imperial Farmhouse Ale (IFA) -don't bother looking up the style in the BJCP handbook though - is masterful, even if it is a made up style! Maitrise translates from the French for expertise/mastery and its Fulton's interpretation of a new world farmhouse ale dedicated as a tribute to the creativity, ingenuity required for the brewing profession.

It's a quirky blend of American and German wheat and barley malts with a traditional French saison yeast strain and not so typical dose of New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops, renowned for imparting white wine characteristics similar to Sauvignon Blanc. The results are fascinating - divine tropical fruitiness with hints of gooseberry, mango, and honey and a dry, tart, soft and slightly boozy finish. Fulton weren't joking by labelling this as an Imperial farmhouse ale with a majestic 9.5% ABV and a regal 80 IBU's this is not your typical saison consumed by the gallons by seasonal farmhands for lack of potable water in days of yore (though the idea appeals to me)! Kudos to Fulton also for taking advantage of the economies of scale of the brand new brewery and putting more limited releases in affordable 4 pack bottles rather than bombers (perceived perception of value is what I like to call it, LOL).

"Maitrise" Imperial Farmhouse Ale by Fulton Brewery available for $10.99/4pk bottles.
I gave it a 4/5 on my UNTAPPD account app, what did you rate it?

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