Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Kirsch Gose, Victory Brewing Company (Downington,PA)

It's been a fascinating trend of late as American craft brewers have taken an interest in somewhat obscure German beer styles, dusted them off and reinvented and reinvigorated them. I'm talking Cottbuser, Berliner Weisse, Radlers, Doppelsticke and of course Gose. Who said Reinheitsgebot was restrictive and boring? I think not!

 Interesting to see that American breweries have taken notice of the vast potential of the European beer market - craft beer exports rose by 43% last year to almost $75M. Stone Brewery is planning on opening a $25M facility in Berlin, Brooklyn has partnered with Carlsberg to open New Carnegie in Stockholm and famed gypsy brewer Mikkeler has collaborated with cult favorites Three Floyds to open a brewpub in Copenhagen. Strange times indeed!

 It's no surprise that a brewery (Victory) with a mission statement of "innovative beers melding European ingredients and technology with American creativity" should jump into the fray. Gose is an old world German brewing process originating in Leipzig and is similar to a Berliner Weisse - both styles feature a heavy wheat malt body and a tartness caused by the addition of lactic acid and lactobacillus. Gose differs from Berliner Weisse because it includes the addition of coriander as a spice and salt for good measure. It's a whimsical beer, Victory adds a playful touch by adding cherries post fermentation. The resulting beer pours a beautiful ruby rose, almost pink with a whiff of coriander. My tasting notes simply noted "salty tart" - what a great name for a brewery or bakery! Tart and acidic and salty with a refreshing clean finish and a low 4.7% ABV this is a sessionable beer that is perfect for the patio - but be warned it's addictive! It's not cheap but it's a treat you deserve. Trust me.

Kirsch Gose , Victory Brewing Company available in 4pk bottles for $9.99

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