Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Wild Devil Ale" Victory Brewing Company

"Wild Devil" Belgian IPA, Victory Brewing (Downington, PA)

"It's arguable that our menacingly delicious Hop Devil has always been wild. With bold German malts and whole flower American hops this IPA is anything but prim. But add a touch of brettanomyces, the unruly beast responsible for the sharp tang and deep funk found in many Belgian ales, and our wild devil emerges completely untamed. Floral, aromatic hops still leap from this amber ale, as a host of new fermentation flavor kicks up notes of citrus and pine. Pour yourself a glass today - if you dare!"
Malt : Imported two-row malts
Hops : Whole flower American hops
ABV : 6.7 %

"Wild Devil"  is essentially Victory's flagship IPA, "Hop Devil" that has finished fermenting and then doused with "Brett" , that mysterious wild yeast strain that is the scourge of wine makers but is prevalent in some of the wonderful Belgian sours. It is known for creating funky barnyard volatile and unpredictable flavors, evolved to devour more complex sugars than regular yeast. As a result it tends to dry out the beer and over time will lower the ABV.
"Wild Devil" as advertised pours a deep amber with a lively foam collar. A little tart, a hint of sherbet and a little funky with a bone dry finish that lends itself well. Overall a nice Belgian IPA - compare it to the American IPA version sans brett ("Hop Devil"), interestingly both beers clock in at 6.7% ABV. No surprises which version I preferred! For a local version of the style check out the Brett IPA at the impossible to spell Sisyphus Brewing (712 Ontario Avenue West, Minneapolis) - in the shadow of Dunwoody College and a stone's throw throw from the Walker.
"Wild Devil" is available at the uber-reasonable price of $8.99 for a 750ml cork-and-caged bottle.
Paul's UNTAPPD rating : *** 1/2 (out of 5)
Beer Advocate Rating : 86 (Very Good)
Rate Beer Score : 96 Overall 76 Style

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