Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brrr, Widmer Brother's Brewing Company

Brrr....such a steal at a ridiculously low $2 a pint at www.thebdp.com HH in St. Paul!

I was just having a pint of this last weekend (okay, maybe it was several - sue me)! and it occured to me how criminally underated this beer is. It's a classic Winter Warmer born from the acclaimed "W" series in 2006 with a unique Northwest twist - lots of juicy cascade and citra hops that balance the sweet maltiness of the rich caramel and chocolate malts that also gives the beer it's beautiful mahogany hue. While not as hoppy as another of my favourite winter seasonals ("Celebration Ale" by Sierra Nevada) it still has a hefty 50 IBU's that should satisfy most hop heads and a warming 7.2% ABV that make it very drinkable. The holiday season always being a time for nostalgia this beer reminds me of the much lamented "Uptown Bar" (closed 3 years this past November - can you believe that?)! not just for the hangover breakfast but for the "Widmer Wednesdays" - cheap Widmer pints, keep the glass and lots of prizes. Seems like a long time ago now, maybe not quite "Four Score and Seven Years" (subtle reminder I need to get to "Lincoln") but late 90's for sure. If anyone needs an Uptown Bar pint glass with the Widmer logo, I'm your man, I have several hundred in my basement!

Widmer Brothers Brrr

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