Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brother Thelonius, North Coast Brewing Company

Brother Thelonius is a Belgian Style Abbey Ale, part of the "American Artisan Series" from North Coast Brewing Company (Fort Bragg, CA) better known for their flagship gem "Old Rasputin" Russian Imperial Stout.
Elegant cork-and-caged 750ml bottle that bears the image of it's namesake, jazz great Thelelonius Monk.
Bottle reads:
"We at the North Coast Brewing Co. are serious Jazz fans and we're proud to make a donation to the Jazz education programs of the Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz
for every bottle of Thelonius sold".
"Carpe Diem Vita Brevis" which translates to "Life is short, seize the day".
ABV is 9.4%.

Here's a better look at the label artwork, designed by Mendocino artist Eduardo Smissen.

Brother Thelonious

Paying homage to Thelonius Monk, it depicts him as a Belgian Monk holding a skull in one hand and a glass of beer in the other. The skull is a poignant reminder of our mortality - "remember you will die".
Jazz afficienados will know that Thelonius Monk (October 10, 1917 - February 17, 1982) was an America Jazz Pianist and Composer considered one of the legends of American music. One of only five jazz musicians to have been featured on the cover of "Time" magazine.

Time Magazine cover Feb. 28th 1964
Enough about the label, let's see what it tastes like shall we?

750ml bottle poured into a "Bavik" glass.
Vigirous pour reveals a beautiful mahogany body topped with a couple fingers worth of appetizing mocha head. Smells of dark fruit.
Luxurious thick mouthfeel. Prunes, raisons in abundance. Molasses? Oaky with a slight spiciness. Did I mention fruity?! Sweet, wheaty and refreshing. Rich and robust.

Rating : A

I'd forgotten how great this beer was until I had one recently on tap ("Hanger Room, Willernie"). A tremendous beer from a great brewery. Retails for around $8.99 for a 750ml bottle, also available in 12oz four-packs.

 North Coast Brewing Co.

More about the brewery:
North Coast Brewing Company
455 North Main Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
'PH: 707-964-2739

Established in 1988 as a brewpub, voted "One of the best Breweries in the World".

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