Thursday, February 17, 2011

Odell Bourbon Barrell Stout

Stumbled upon this tasty treat after stopping in at Burger Jones (part of the Parasole dining empire) in Calhoun Village last night. This isn't supposed to be an in-depth review of the beer (how lucky are you?)! I didn't know Odell had a Bourbon Barrell Stout but upon further investigation from their website it is part of their "Single Serve Series" (available on tap and 750ml bombers) and is described thusly -

This limited edition offering begins with a full-bodied imperial stout that has notes of sweet milk chocolate, smooth vanilla and roasted coffee beans. Then things get interesting. We transfer it to Kentucky bourbon barrels where it’s aged for four months to let traces of oak and caramel come forward. The bourbon barrels have a remarkable effect on the beer. In turn, the beer has a remarkable effect on the senses.

I wouldn't put it in the same class as Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (one of my all time favourites) but what I liked about it was that it was well balanced and not as big and boozy or had an overpowering bourbon taste. Also more manageable to drink at 10.5% ABV (I didn't have a problem drinking three of these, who said this has to be a sipping beer?)! Definitely helped that this was included in their Happy Hour at $4 (which runs daily 2-6pm) while the place is a little too "happy" for me sitting at the bar wasn't too bad and I was surprised at the eclectic range of beers they had on tap (Delirium Tremens included in HH is another bonus). Food menu made Paula Dehn's cooking look healthy, make sure you bring a defibulator if you plan on eating here.

Beer rating : B+

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