Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Door County Cherry Wheat, Hinterland

Door County Cherry Wheat, Hinterland (Green Bay Brewing Company)
Malt Beverage with Cherry Added
One Pint bottle

"Hinterland is a small artisanal brewery devoted to brewing world class beer. Founded in 1995, Hinterland makes it's home in a turn of the century meat packing warehouse in downtown Green Bay. It's beers are now available throughout the Midwest and New England".
Distributed in Minnesota by J.J. Taylor, it's beers have been on the shelves for a several months now.

One pint bottle poured into a Leinie's pint glass. No ABV or bottling date listed on bottle or label which is pretty disappointing/lame. I do like the look of the bottle though - reminds me of the returnable brewery bottles you see in Germany.
This is a seasonal - available May - August, so I will assume my bottle is pretty fresh. Comes in 4 pack 16oz bottles and retails for about $9.99. I've already sampled three other of their beers (IPA, Luna Stout, Saison) and have been unimpressed so far. How will this one fair?

Nice pour. Burnt orange colour with a frothy, billowy ice-cream cone head of a few inches. Very appealing looking.

Smell? Faint fruity smell, surprisingly muted, I was expecting more cherry aroma.

Taste? Slight tartness of cherry is noticeable, but no trace of wheat at all. A little sweet, a bit thin. I could see this being fairly refreshing on a blazing summer day but overall not a style I care for and I thought this was another very mediocre beer from this brewery. Bland. I'd leave the brewing of fruit beers in WI to the experts, New Glarus!

Rating? C-

Honestly, the low rating has nothing to do with my dislike for the Packers.  But I did ask Randy Moss what he thinks of this beer. He agreed with Joe Buck that it was a "disgusting act". J/K!


Green Bay Brewing Company
313 Dousman Street
Green Bay WI 54303
'Ph: 920-438-8050

Our Door County Cherry Wheat pours a golden, orange hue. The frothy two finger off-white, slightly pink-tinted head fades to leave a spotty lace. The slight aroma of cherries doesn't over power the soft wheat smell. These flavors play wonderfully together, neither overpowering the other in taste. With a medium-light body, Cherry Wheat leaves you with a mildly tart Montmorency cherry finish.

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