Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hop Henge Experimental IPA, Deschutes

"Hop Henge" Experimental IPA, Deschutes Brewery (Bend, OR). 22oz bomber poured into a Deschutes snifter. Best by : 4/25/12 0344,  8.5% ABV, 95 IBU's (why can't all beer labels be this precise?).
"Stonehenge is a mystery. Hop Henge is a discovery. Our monument to hops - Hop Henge is brought to life by the uncompromising creativity of our brewers. With an immense hop flavor and bitter finish, this experimental IPA will stand the test of time".

Part of the "Bond Street" Series of limited releases, available January - April.

It could be argued, with some justification, that I have as much validity reviewing an IPA as Fox News or this buffoon

Family Radio Network Preacher, Harold Camping. Not exactly Nostradamus.

True, my beer of choice is normally something dark and substantial but occasionally I enjoy a hop bomb. Some of my favourite beers are hopped-up over-the-top IPA's - "Maharaja" (Avery), "Abrasive" (Surly), "Oak-aged Unearthly" (Southern Tier) and of course "Hopslam" (Bell's).

In the interests of brevity (not one of my strong points), let's cut to the chase:

Pours a dark yellow/amber with a crisp white frothy head. Appetizing. Pleasant balance of hops and maltiness, nice hop bite, slighty sweet with a bitter finish. Well crafted. Nice blend of centennial and cascade hops with a heavy dry hop, biscuity. Very tasty. I've seen this labelled as a double/Imperial IPA but at only 8.5% ABV I'd beg to differ, but no matter. Delicious, whatever the style.



I remember trying this last year and being floored by the initial hoppiness and put off by the distinct bitter finish. I'm not sure if my taste buds have changed or if it's the result of having a cold ("the cold" as they call it back home) but I like this beer. I think Deschutes should consider making this a year round offering. Well done and a steal at about $4.99 for 22oz bottle. 

More info:

Deschutes Brewery
901 SW Simpson Avenue
Bend, OR 97702
'Ph: (541) 385-8606


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